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Nanotechnologies for drug, gene and protein delivery | UCLan Biomedical Technology (Shenzhen) Ltd

Nanotechnologies for drug, gene and protein delivery

Drugs, genes, peptides and other bioactive molecules can be delivered to target cells and organs for the treatments of diseases such as cancers, diabetes and asthma and for responding to specific biological stimuli. Pulmonary delivery of drug, gene and protein in nanocarrier systems is a major area of interest, since the action of a drug entrapped in nanocarriers may exhibit prolonged residence time in the lung after inhalation, potentially reducing systemic side effects. We are also interested in developing nanocarrier systems for nasal delivery aiming to treat local nasal diseases (e.g. sinusitis) and systemic diseases (e.g. diabetes, hormone deficiencies etc.). Synthesis properties, computer modelling and applications of a range of functionalised nanocarriers such as dendrimers, liposomes, carbon nanotubes, cochleates and niosomes are being investigated, particularly in the area of aerosol delivery.

UBTS Limited is currently undertaking a project with Sichuan University relating to Nanotechnology for Drug Delivery mechanisms. The aims of this project are:

People Involved

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