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Research Areas | UCLan Biomedical Technology (Shenzhen) Ltd

Research Areas

Nanobiomaterials & Nanostructures

Smart dispersed nanomaterials with tailored dynamic properties are promising materials for medical and engineering applications. UBTS Limited is investigating synthesis, properties and applications of nanoparticles, nanostructures materials and nanocomposites. Templating methods are being investigated to produce novel structures for biocatalysts, sensors and biomarkers.

Fire behaviour of nanocomposites and toxicity of nanoparticals

UBST Limited is researching the quantification of particle size distribution of nanoparticles, and the use of biochemical (enzyme assays) and biological (cell culture) models for quantification of nanoparticulate toxicity. UBST Limited is also working with the State Key Laboratory for Fire Science, at the University of Science and Technology of China, in Hefei, to investigate the release of nanoparticles during burning.

Nanotechnologies for drug, gene and protein delivery

UBTS Limited is currently undertaking a project with Sichuan University relating to Nanotechnology for Drug Delivery mechanisms, to investigate the potential of drug delivery systems for treating various forms of cancers, to further explore nanotechnologies for large scale manufacture and to develop nanotechnologies for the delivery of novel anticancer proteins, genes and small molecules.

Surface patterning for water treatment applications

UBTS Limited is currently undertaking a project with Fudan University relating to Multifunctional Nanocomposites for the Separation of Pollutants from Industrial and Municipal Sewage Water. Our research aims to develop solutions to the problem of removal of biological contaminants, utilising multifunctional nanocomposites using flow and static systems technologies. We are interested in the formation of monolayer patterned surfaces with chemical/biochemical functionalities on nanoparticles in suspension for highly specific and targeted applications such as bio-sensor, food technology, nanomedicine, magnetic bio-separation and industrial catalysis.